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Toyota Repair and Service | Sunnyvale Foreign Car ServiceToyota has managed to become a synonym with reliability. Along with Honda, Toyota is one of the only car manufacturers that come to mind when consumers think about reliable and affordable transportation. Toyota’s models have always been considered to be more utilitarian than other car manufacturers, but are generally able to get more mileage without encountering a great deal of repairs associated with a high mileage vehicle. It is important to remember to have your Toyota auto repair and service done by certified technicians. Toyota is present in almost every market around the world and is considered the largest car manufacturer.

With its wide variety of models, including the Yaris, Matrix, Corolla, Camry, and the Avalon, this brand has something available for all interests and needs. Toyota is also present in the SUV market with models such as the Rav-4, Highlander and the Sequoia. At Sunnyvale Foreign Car Service, we have the technicians to completely fix any Toyota auto repair. We will also make sure that any maintenance needed to warranty vehicles with be done within the guidelines of the Toyota maintenance warranty.

Toyota, however, is probably most known in recent history for introducing the Prius. With the Prius, the hybrid for the masses was born and made Toyota almost synonymous with the word “hybrid.” The new Prius was just recently released and is poised to become another big seller within the U.S. market, as well as other countries.

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