Sunnyvale Volvo Repair and Service

Sunnyvale Foreign Car Service can guarantee exceptional service and maintenance on your Volvo. We can test, diagnose, and service your Volvo and provide only the best and latest Volvo repair technology. We want to ensure you are getting the best out of your vehicle in the long run.

We are here to fix anything your Volvo needs, including any fixes needed with your electronic throttle module, fuel pumps, relays, or your air idle control valve. If you have having an issue with your Volvo, we can fix it for you and not charge you an arm and a leg. We strive to please all of your customers, old and new, and it shows in our work. We have you covered for any of you Volvo needs.

All of us at Sunnyvale Foreign Car Service take pride in our work on your vehicle and will provide any necessary repairs so you can take your Volvo home happy. Feel free to set up an appointment or stop by and visit us so we can add you to our list of satisfied customers!